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I have had credit card debt for as long as I can remember.  My credit score defined who I was and determined how I lived my life. I spent more than I made by using my many credit cards.  I basically robbed Peter to pay Paul my whole life.  I felt trapped!  I desperately wanted to get out of this cycle I was in, yet I saw no end to this hole I had dug.  Chris and Stephanie have been able to show me how to really handle my money. Their testimony gave me the encouragement to step out and commit to this new way of life. I’ll admit the lifestyle change was not easy at first, but no one said it would be, only that it would be worth it. And they are right! I no longer want to be a slave to debt.

I started this journey in January of 2015. Over the past 22 months, I have paid off 7 debts, with only ONE more to go! I could not have done this without my accountability partners, Chris and Stephanie.  The encouragement you receive from them is so heart felt.  They know how you are feeling, they show you how to stay on track, and most importantly they pray with you.

Glenn & Sandy

Glenn and I were in a very stressful financial situation that was impacting our family and our relationship.  When we found Chris and Stephanie on the Dave Ramsey website, we were hoping they could help us.  After our first session with them, we not only got a smarter grip on our finances, but it improved our relationship so much. We learned how to work together, create a budget, make some intense lifestyle changes and have paid off so much debt.  Stephanie and Chris have been there for us via telephone, face to face meetings, and certainly in spirit.  They are truly a gift that has changed our life and we are so grateful to be able to work with them. 

Jasmine & Derek

As newlyweds, one of our main priorities and also fears initially was the M word…Money. Within our first month of marriage, we quickly discovered that the “money talk” was unavoidable and a topic that we needed to address TOGETHER. We started out watching Dave Ramsey videos on YouTube faithfully and found so much inspiration from couples who had successfully gotten their finances together…the only problem was…we didn’t know where to begin. That’s when Chris and Stephanie came in! We went through the Dave Ramsey website and after lots of prayer, we truly felt led to reach out to Chris and Stephanie to help us in this scary yet exciting season of our lives. After our first meeting, we knew we had made the right choice. They truly listened to where we were financially, they prayed with us, and they were willing to let us in our their successes and struggles within their marriage when it comes to their financial story. We were able to discuss so many helpful tools for working together as a unit when it comes to money including the Baby Step overview, identifying all of our debts (to our surprise was $50,000 which is WAY more than we anticipated), and most importantly, establishing our accountability system for going towards our debt free date! We are definitely on our way to financial freedom and this wouldn’t be possible without the help of Chris and Stephanie. 


I believe that God connected me to the Becks. I have had issues with changing behavior and creating discipline in my life to attain my financial goals. While the road is not easy, I am confident that I have a partner in Stephanie. She prays before every session. She remembers the goals I have set and holds me accountable, while I make the changes I long to make. I would refer anyone who wants to make changes in their financial and spiritual lives (as they are tightly connected) to the Becks. Thank you, Stephanie, for your patience and empathy. It means the world to me.