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Meet the Team

Passion, faith and determination drive results. If you want to make a change, you will need all three of these attributes to be successful. As coaches, we partner with you on building these intangible skills. Our success is measured by your success. Our passion is driven by the desire to see our clients gain the financial security and peace they seek. All while obtaining a stronger foundation based on faith and biblical principles. All of our coaches are certified through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master’s Series.

We have been serving you in the Metro Atlanta area since 2014.

How can we best serve you on your journey to financial freedom?


Our journey to becoming financial coaches starts with Stephanie while she was in college. After changing her degree multiple times and simply feeling lost. She decided to fast for a week in hopes to gain clarity for what God wanted her to do with her life.  She was listening to the radio in her car in the parking lot of KSU. At that moment Dave Ramsey came on and said are you looking for a career that you are passionate about? Do you have the desire to live your life for God by helping people find financial freedom? To her it couldn’t be more clear. She got out of the car and went straight to the registrar’s office and changed her major one last time to Finance.

After 6 years of what you could call derailing from God’s plan, that’s how it felt, but  in reality looking back at that time it was pivotal to her learning and growing – the heart break and financial distress would mold and shape her into the person she is today. Someone who can relate to the person who is struggling financially, the person who had success financially and lost it all in a split second, or the person who started from scratch to rebuild it all.


Chris too has his own story that we believe prepared him for his calling. He had three children by the age of 22. To support his family, Chris worked many jobs – none of which were careers – plumber, pizza maker, gas station attendant, insurance salesmen… just to name a few. Finally frustrated with the lack of success and increased difficulty to provide for his family, Chris set out to get his degree. He survived year after year on his tax return – he would rack up the debt, pay it off, and do it all over again. During Chris’ different job endeavors, there were many times that he and his family would have to cover their bills off cash advances, credit cards, and personal loans.


Let’s fast forward a few years. Chris and Stephanie meet in the corporate world. Stephanie working in finance and Chris working in IT. While Chris was working as a consultant in Nashville, they dated and worked hard on their long distance relationship. In October of 2014, Chris and Stephanie got married and planned their future together. Their first step was to launch Stephanie’s longtime dream to become a financial coach – Chris, of course, joined the journey. He was the motivator  and accountability partner Stephanie needed to get going. During their honeymoon – yes, the first week after they got married – they attended Financial Coach Master’s Series in Nashville, TN. Since then, Chris and Stephanie have moved back to Georgia to help individuals with their Financial Story. Stephanie has recently left the corporate world to focus her efforts 100% on her passion.

They got focused and decided it was time to change their own financial future. By the age of 30 Chris and Stephanie paid off 2 credit cards, 2 cars, their mortgage, and saved away 6 months of expenses. They live what they teach. The rest of Chris and Stephanie’s story is yet to be told. However, they are looking forward to writing a chapter about you.